Astral Flare


Here to assist you & your community 

Who are we?

Astral Flare started as a hobby project helping gaming communities with the more technical aspects of running a community. System administration, backup solutions and general system security. We saw countless communities of great people who struggled with the technical aspects, So naturally, we stepped up to assist!

Hosting Services

We do this as a hobby, we aren’t a huge company and take on very few people. This is exactly why you get great support and personalized help when you need it!

After all we are you, we used to run communities and servers, we know what your looking for, and are happy to assist in figuring out the perfect solution for you!


Need servers?

We at Astral Flare are here to assist you with all your server needs. Whether you require dedicated machines, virtual private servers, or ready-to-go game servers, our control panel puts you in charge.

Reach out to us today, and together we can identify precisely what you’re seeking.